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NYC #1 - Taking a bite out of the climate apple during Climate Week 2019

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Famed for its iconic skyline, lady liberty, Broadway, The Strokes and now home of the first Chapter of Climate Cocktail Club in the Americas! NYC #1 launched during a modern icon of New York in the Climate Change sphere - Climate Week - shadowing the UN General Assembly. Drawing leaders from far and wide NYC #1 brought together over 150 of the brightest and the best to showcase what's needed and possible in solving the climate crises.

"If we’re going to solve the climate crisis, we’re going to need more than incremental change. That means joining forces in powerful new partnerships and collaborations. Climate Cocktail Club is showing the way, creating synergies and opportunities for all professionals to become the change they want to see in the world. It combines the best of networking and social change — nicely oiled by a drink or two." Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group

“Events like the Climate Cocktail Club provide a fantastic forum for the climate-minded community to come together in a fun environment to idea share and network. This was a great experience for ENGIE Impact to participate in the broader climate conversation and connect with professionals in this space.” ENGIE Impact

Hosted in partnership with ENGIE impact, Acre and Fincovi, and with cocktails provided by a range of Diageo brands (including Guinness and Don Julio), the scene was set to take full advantage of WeWork's fabulous top floor space in their flagship Times Square building. Following a round of welcomes from CCC HQ and our new local Chapter Heads Kyle and Derek, we were awe-inspired by the leadership panel that followed. Led by the laser-focused Joel Makower (Co-Founder, GreenBiz), we heard from leaders across the business and global spectrum showcasing what their companies are delivering (and planning) to address the climate crises.

Paige Janson, Chief Operating Officer, Resource Data Management, ENGIE Impact

Mike Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer, ENGIE Impact

Luis Rabago, Communications, Director, Society, Diageo

Rasmus Skov, Head of Sustainability, Ørsted

Clemence Schmid, Brand and Retail Partnership Loop Global, TerraCycle

Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Sustainability Leader, GE Renewable Energy

Robert Metzke, Chief of Staff Innovation & Strategy, Global Head Sustainability, Philips

"The Climate Cocktail Club is a great forum for casual conversations with some of the brightest people in the sustainability space. I caught up with familiar faces and made interesting new contacts. It’s rare to find contexts that combine a condensed presence of relevant professionals with a relaxed atmosphere and nice cocktails!" Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, Sustainability Leader, GE Renewable Energy

The NYC Chapter seeks to capitalise on the recent surge in action within the city as well as its increasing role as a hub for other enthusiasts and activists. As the world continues to strive for leaders and champions, the Climate Cocktail Club will seek to form a space for showcasing the best talent and topics to drive action forwards. If you're interested in being involved in the 2020 series please reach out direct to

The unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions of hosting this event (travel, energy, consumables, waste etc.) have been reduced to net zero via carbon offsetting. This activity has been supported by the community reforestation project delivered by TIST.



ENGIE Impact delivers sustainability consulting and services to the most influential brands and cities across the globe. By harnessing deep resource data and analytics paired with a multidisciplinary team of experts, we deliver tailored roadmaps to pave the way for organization to achieve their aggressive sustainability targets. Our missions is to not only support enterprise businesses and governments in addressing their sustainability needs, but to accelerate this sustainability transformation. Events like Climate Week are critical in raising the awareness and facilitating collaboration to address climate action and drive progress.

Acre is a recruitment and leadership development consultancy specializing in the areas of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), Renewable Energy, as well as Responsible Investment and ESG. With operations in London, New York and Amsterdam, Acre has built an unsurpassed reputation in supporting the sustainability agenda of clients such as Fortune 500 organizations, consultancies, and NGO’s by placing professionals across the globe – many of whom are now amongst the most influential leaders in the space.  Acre strives to be at the intersection of commercial success and sustainability and at the same time catalyze positive social and environmental change through their consultants, clients, candidates, and business partners. Immersed in their market, Acre is also committed to bringing together industry experts to co-create thought leadership research and publish whitepapers around key topics ranging from Board Diversity, Impact Investing to Leadership Development in EHS.

Fincovi provides financial services, including SPV admin, to renewable energy sector. In a fixed yield market fincovi helps boost asset returns and reduce risk, enabling asset owners and fund managers to focus on raising more funds and acquiring more assets. Our end-to-end outsourced offering enables ambitious managers to work with a partner delivering best-in-class processes. fincovi is a specialised renewable energy financial back-office that leverages technology to drive down the cost-per-SPV and increase the consistency, reliability and timeliness of information flow between stakeholders.

TIST: The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program

The TIST Program empowers subsistence farmers to improve their livelihoods, local environment, and global climate by planting trees on degraded or unused land and practicing conservation farming. In Small Groups, farmers share best practices, develop leadership skills, and promote gender equality. TIST farmers secure substantial economic and social benefits from these activities as well as 70% of the profits from the sale of carbon credits generated by TIST trees.

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