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Alex Watson

Marketing Manager, Natural Capital Partners

Alex has spent a decade getting companies and consumers to buy into sustainable ways of doing business. At Natural Capital Partners, he is responsible for taking some of its corporate climate action solutions to market globally, including its carbon neutrality and supply chain products. Prior to that Alex worked with social entrepreneurs on crowdfunding campaigns at the RSA and Ben & Jerry’s, where he managed one of its social mission campaigns across Europe. Alex is also a Climate Reality Leader, having been trained by Al Gore in 2018, and for three years was a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at Pentonville Prison, where he has also delivered a climate change education class to a group of prisoners. He is an On Purpose Fellow, has a politics, philosophy and economics degree from Oxford University and is a keen footballer.


Jo Alexander

Research & Engagement Manager, ShareAction

Jo is a geologist with a passion for the Earth. Four years ago she left her job exploring for oil and gas, to build a career contributing to the mitigation of climate change. Thanks to the On Purpose leadership programme, there’s no going back on her newfound sense of purpose. Jo’s training as an Earth Scientist gives her a detailed understanding of the problem of climate change, but now she is shifting focus onto the possible solutions. Jo currently works at ShareAction, where she talks to investors about how they can use capital to contribute to a better future. Jo holds a masters degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford and is chartered through the Geological Society of London. She is an On Purpose fellow, a Climate Reality Leader and a student of System Change through Forum for the Future. Jo wants to lighten the conversation about climate change and provide people with positive energy to tackle the challenge it presents.

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