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London #3 - Business, But Different

We set up London’s Climate Cocktail Club because we think acting on climate change is not just about individual actions, it’s about what we can do together. Last week’s event looked at how businesses can act to tackle climate change: not just by offering a few of their consumers a special sustainability range, but by changing the whole business.

Clubbers heard speeches from Jon Khoo, Regional Sustainability Manager at Interface, at the carpet manufacturer’s ‘climate take back’ mission and the leadership shown by the former chief executive Ray Anderson.

Next up was Jo Daniels, Senior Sustainable Business and Partnerships Manager at M&S, who talked about how the big clothing and food retailer is taking climate action as part of its "Plan A". Finally, we heard from Asim Hussain, Green Cloud Advocacy Lead at Microsoft, who shared what the tech giant’s new carbon negative mission and how the company’s internal ’carbon fee’ has helped translate sustainability into something every employee can understand regardless of what they think about climate change.

We know not all businesses are taking actions like the three we picked to speak, but we hope that understanding what they are up to and how they went about it will mean that more happen.

Conversations then continued over our interactive boards and displays to bring to life M&S’s achievements, Microsoft’s carbon fee and the circular economy that Jon also talked about.

Clubbers also browsed our Pedestals of Pioneers, that featured new(-ish) business that have a client mission: Emsol, Loop, Overlay, Rubies in the Rubble, Toast Ale.

Lead partner Acre, a global recruitment and executive search business specialising in sustainability, spoke about the impact climate change is having on their business, and the urgency that is being created to find talented individuals for companies leading the way in solving our environment’s most pressing issues. Rachel Frost, Acre’s Head of Marketing said “Climate Cocktail Club is important to us, as it is clearly helping to create a conduit for those tackling climate change to collaborate. Every day we work with companies, from FTSE 100s to start-ups, innovating in the face of adversity and a ticking clock - we’re immensely proud to play a part in that by bringing the right people together, and will always strive to support a forum on the same mission”. Acre’s specialist CR, sustainability, ESG and energy and renewables recruitment teams are on hand in London, Amsterdam and New York to support those on a search for the right people to drive a sustainability agenda – get in contact with them here.

We’re also very grateful to Natural Capital Partners our Global Climate Partner who offset the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions of hosting this event (travel, energy, consumables, waste etc.) and our Cocktail Partner Pernod Ricard UK, who provided Absolut Vodka cocktails to Clubbers.

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