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Climate-themed cocktails and mocktails: whiskey

To help Clubbers settle in to next week's Climate Cast #2: Climate science, back to school, we've prepared some climate-themed cocktails and mocktails and some tips if you don’t have the perfect bar equipment or ingredients.

Cocktail #1: CO2ld Fashioned

Cocktail #2: The Big Man-Made Climate Change

Mocktail #1: The Green Gimlet

At home cheats

If you don’t have any bar equipment at home, you can easily use household items to make the perfect serve

  • A standard espresso cup = 75ml

  • One tablespoon = 15-20ml

  • Use any jar with a lid as an alternative to a cocktail shaker

  • Fill a tupperware box with water and freeze for 24hrs then break the resulting ice block

  • To make sugar syrup, mix water and caster sugar in a 2:1 ratio e.g. 100g sugar and 50ml water

  • An alternative to Angostura bitters would be to add a small pinch of salt and pepper to the sugar syrup

  • If you can’t get hold of orange bitters, then peel 2 or 3 orange zests and spritz them into the glass before you pour the drink in

These recipes have been suggested by our cocktail partner, Pernod Ricard UK. Pernod Ricard UK are proud to manage a prestigious portfolio of internationally recognised brands, of which 19 are counted amongst the global top 100 amongst the wine and spirits brands.

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