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Amsterdam #3 - Drawdown drawing the Clubber crowd

2 weeks ago today and our jigsaw party still brings a smile to my face… I hope yours too! It was the 1st week back from summer but 70+ of you still found time in your busy diaries to share a beverage and network with our community. When the positive feedback included “If you can’t be inspired by Maurits Groen’s talk and the atmosphere here, you’re in the wrong place” and the negative was “it was a bit noisy” then, fellow Clubbers, I call that a success. Thank you!

Maurits, I must thank you too… I feel privileged that CCC has brought us in contact when so many common ties have not. I heard the word inspirational so many times on the night and then after… Project Drawdown’s out of the box thinking took us out of our day to day and I really hope people continue that direction all the way to our next event on 27 November.

Thanks to our sponsors Schneider Electric and Greenfish – our events couldn’t happen without your support and commitment to helping people take action!

For the rest of you, thank you for the engaging conversations that filled the venue and made it hard for me to interrupt long enough to hear Maurits talk. As a host I see it as my role to scan the room for anyone not engaged and help them into a great conversation… not once on the night did I have to do that. Well done! – A few pics enclosed!

You know my normal ask… you are part of a movement so it’s up to you to get your network there too and increase the interaction. The more people, the more chance of meeting that piece of the puzzle that fits with you and your big hairy audacious climate action goal!

We’re busy bees planning the next event on 27 November – our end of year event will be a cracker!

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