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Amsterdam #2 - Return of the Clubbers

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The dust has finally settled following the second Amsterdam Climate Cocktail Club and a first organised by Gary Cafe, the new Chapter Head for this great and historic city. On arrival, the Clubbers were greeted by a welcoming Cafe Lennep atmosphere and a climate cocktail to set the scene. With a leafy carbon sink, bubbles of CO2 and a melting iceberg in a tasty G&T, clubbers were reminded of the goal for the evening… accelerating climate action.

Before we go further, we sincerely thank our supporters for the evening, Schneider Electric and Bird & Bird. Without their support driven by passion for climate action, our night couldn’t have happened.

As the crowd peaked close to 100 people, we decided it was time to draw the Clubbers’ attentions to the inspiring speakers we had for the evening. Drawing the enthusiastic Clubbers away from their climate conversations was already painfully awkward – how would this be after a few more tasty beverages? We gave a call to action in the context of turning historic Dutch innovation driving global change. With references to Brussels sprouts, orange carrots, gay marriage, VOC and Schneider hats being cast aside in favour of CCC ones, a Clubber could be forgiven for thinking “what have I signed up for here?”. But the vision was clear… with a nation this renowned for innovation being 25% under sea level… if we aren’t motivated and able, who is?

The first modern Dutch champion was Robert Metzke from Philips. Many great initiatives were presented that reportedly fully inspired even the bar staff. The main takeaway – with their path to internal carbon neutrality clear for 2020, we cannot wait to see the impact when they turn these learnings to their incredibly deep supply chain!

Next up was the passionate Barbara Huneman from Nouryon (chemical giant formerly known as Akzo Nobel)… First, a personal plea to the audience to stop thinking just in terms of the cheapest way to transition away from carbon-based technology but the most strategic for this historically gas rich country. She followed that plea with a vision that Nouryon has for large scale electrolysis up to 250MW. Keep in mind that some of these projects are not yet near investment decision so we were inspired with the gutsy approach from her to put them out there at this early stage… Exactly the kind of conversation starter and big hairy audacious goal that CCC conversations should be focussed on!

The Clubbers talked and networked loud and long into the evening… for Gary, it ended sharing a quiet, satisfied whiskey with an old friend with whom he started his work life 20 years ago, for an oil giant, on the other side of the planet, talking about how he sees their role in a low carbon future. That is what it’s all about and that is why we cannot wait to see you all at the next Climate Cocktail Club on 5th September 2019 at Cafe de Jaren in Amsterdam. Make sure it’s in your diary!

Contact Gary Cafe for more information on attending, partnering and supporting the Amsterdam Chapter of Climate Cocktail Club -

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