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Climate Cocktail club




The climate emergency requires action at scale - The Climate Cocktail Club (CCC) is an inspiration and action led collaboration platform for professionals who are committed to solving the climate crisis, and just so happen like cocktails (beer or any other glass-based refreshment!).


Founded originally by Tom and Ray for no other reason than to get to know and connect like-minded people over a drink or two... and stirring up some well needed climate action, CCC has grown around the world, driven by committed Chapter Heads sparking action locally!


Why Climate Cocktail Club

CLIMATE – responding to the CLIMATE EMERGENCY and creating a platform for scaling action globally.


COCKTAIL – moving beyond the sustainability sector echo chamber to recognise climate action requires a MIX OF THE MANY not just the few.


CLUB – sparking collaboration within and across borders, professions and comfort zones through global COMMUNITY OF CLUBBERS, reducing the requirement to fly around the world to solve the climate crisis.

What it IS
CCC is ACCESSIBLE. CCC is about NETWORKING and exchanging IDEAS. CCC is informal but informative. CCC is about people. CCC is about collaboration. CCC is about catalysing change at SCALE.

What it is NOT
CCC is NOT a lobby group. CCC is not an association. CCC is not preachy. CCC does not discriminate or dismiss ideas. CCC is not another conference or forum. CCC does not have a secret special handshake [yet].

What YOU need to DO
Keep in the loop. REGISTER online and JOIN the LinkedIn GroupATTEND events. SHARE your ideas and challenges. Show up and have a DRINK with us each event!