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we curate, connect and catalyse changemakers to take action
on the climate and nature crises


The climate and nature crises require urgent action at scale - we curate events to connect and catalyse changemakers.

What’s the recipe for a Climate Cocktail Club you ask?... Changemakers, Inspiration and Cocktails no less! Mixed together, this provides us with the recipe to figure out what and how we should collaborate to drive forward meaningful restorative action.

Kids with Capes


A few handfuls of active changemakers: 50-500 people



A dash of inspiration: 3-5 impact leaders



A healthy smattering of refreshments: cocktails and mocktails preferred

FOUNDED IN 2018...

Founded in 2018 the Club reached changemakers across the world before Covid-19 curtailed the global rise of cocktail (and mocktail) fuelled impact. We build again from our heart in Dublin and plan to welcome back new and old Chapters in London, Amsterdam, New York, Bay Area and beyond. We have an open ear and hand to new Chapter locations - so get in touch budding changemakers of Chile, storytellers of South Africa and awesome inspirers of India.

Climate Cocktail Club is the first venture of Climate Club, which exists to spark collaboration within and across borders and professions to create a global community building regenerative solutions taking on the climate and nature crises.

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