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stirring up

climate action

The climate emergency requires action at scale - we are bringing people together to inspire them to take action.

What’s the recipe for a Climate Cocktail Club you ask? We take:

  • a few handfuls of concerned citizens: 30-300 people

  • a dash of inspiration: 1-3 climate experts

  • a healthy smattering of refreshments: cocktails and mocktails preferred

Mixed together, this provides us adults with a space to figure out what to do about the climate change that those scientists and youngsters are so urgently demanding us to address.

In the space of 18 months our Climate Cocktail Club recipes have evolved, with local varieties emerging from Cork to Colombo to California, and London to LA (oh yeah... that's next).

Get involved by attending events, subscribing to hear about future events, reading about past events, setting up a new Chapter or partnering to deliver events. 


Climate Cocktail Club is the first venture of Climate Club, which exists to spark collaboration within and across borders and professions to create a global community solving the climate crisis.

** Supporting our communities across the world in the control of Covid-19 we will be moving our events online via our new Climate Cast Series. Hope to see you at a live event in the not too distance future! **

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