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Kyle Hubbard

Head of Corporate Sales, US West, 1E

Kyle has spent his professional career at several companies providing energy efficient solutions in non-traditional industries. These range from energy utilization to construction products, and most recently software solutions. He is currently a sales leader at 1E, a software company that cut its teeth with software designed to cut down power consumption and has deployed millions of licenses resulting in massive reductions in clients’ carbon footprint. As a lifelong surfer, he’s spent time at beaches around the world and this is part of what drives him to shine light on climate change to help protect coastline communities for future generations. 


Derek Daly

Director, CleanCapital

Derek has been working on power and renewables transactions since 2012, and currently works as a director of investments for a renewables investment platform. Passionate about investing and managing physical generation assets, Derek has helped evaluate and/or acquire over 4GW of solar, wind, thermal, hydro, fuel cell, and energy storage projects. Proud to have been apart of the renewables transition over the last decade, he is also interested in additional sustainability initiatives, including the elimination of single-use plastics, growth of corporate ESG requirements, and future energy efficiency programs. Derek has always loved the outdoors for hiking, skiing, and fly fishing, and will travel long distances for good food! 

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