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Killian O’Connor
Co-founder & COO at Solo Energy

Killian co-founded Solo Energy in 2015, inspired by the rapidly changing energy ecosystem. A technical and commercial specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the sector, Killian is passionate about making renewable energy accessible to everyone. Solo Energy’s business model seeks to unlock the vast potential of renewables through wide-scale deployment of in-home battery storage and electric vehicles as ‘Virtual Power Plants’ (VPP). With a sharp focus on the digitisation of energy, Killian and the Solo team are using Blockchain and IoT accelerate the rate of change in the energy sector. Killian is currently Vice Chair of Energy Cork, an industry-driven cluster that promotes enterprise and employment within the energy sector. Passionate about sustainability and the environment, Killian loves to bore his friends by talking about climate change, batteries and electric vehicles.

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