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Marc Hertz
Storytelling Manager, 1021 Creative

Marc has more than 20 years of writing and editing experience, and his passion is climate change, specifically informing others about the issue and, in doing so, helping move the collective needle toward action. In the lead-up to COP21 in 2015, he initiated and co-lead the Webby-awarded #OursToLose climate change campaign on YouTube's Spotlight channel. With the help of popular YouTube creators, the campaign targeted what we could lose because of climate change, and helped drive people to sign an Avaaz clean energy petition. In 2019, he launched, a site discussing the intersection of climate change and politics. He graduated with a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Tara Holmes

Founder and President, earth + urban

Tara brings 15 years of mission-driven communications and marketing experience to her work with the Climate Cocktail Club. Coming from the intersection of policy, advocacy, and behavior change, Tara’s focus has always been on raising awareness, elevating voices that are rarely heard, and drawing attention to important global issues — like climate change. Most of all, she’s a natural relationship builder who loves working with other creative minds to make good things happen. Tara is Founder and President of earth + urban, a climate and social change focused communications consultancy. In the past, she’s worked at the World Resources Institute and the Earth Island Institute, among others. She graduated with a BA from Connecticut College and an MPA from The Maxwell School, Syracuse University.

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